Bum Luck by Paul Levine


A fast paced story and a really great read. The story line began with the improbable decision by a lawyer to kill his client, and by the time the middle of the story came around I was hooked and read straight through to the end.

Jake Lassiter is a lawyer who's seemingly a shark and one who will win at all costs, but really wants to find redemption in his life. He not only believes his client is guilty and wants a way to even the score, but he is caught up in a scandal where he looks guilty as hell, and the clock is ticking to prove his innocence. He is former pro football player who has had numerous head injuries leading his friends and family to believe there is a relationship between the swift change in his behavior and previous (and current) concussions.

I loved the story line, and the pace that it's written. It was funny and smart, two great additions to any mystery. This book is the second in the series Lassiter, Solomon & Lord, and I'm guessing the next book will be as good as this one.

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