The Founders' Key by Larry P. Arnn

The Constitution of the United States of America and The Declaration of Independence are amazing documents. Within those pages are what has guided this nation for over two hundred years. But what were the original intentions of the creators of the documents and are those documents still relevant in modern times? The Founders' Key (Larry Arnn, Thomas Nelson, 2012, ISBN 9781595554727) takes a stable at that.

The Founders' Key is broken down into two parts. The first deals with Arnn's analysis of how some twist the original meaning of the documents and that while there may be room for adaption in modern times, their core meanings and instruction does not change. For those that would like a refresher course of these important documents, the second part Arnn lists The Declaration of Independence; The Constitution of the United States of America; Federalist No. 10, No. 39, No. 48, No. 49, and No. 51; and "Property" by James Madison.

Considering these documents are the core of what makes up America, a home refresher course like this was actually a fun read.

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