Succotash Reviews Submission Guidelines

Hello! My name is Renee...and I like to read. Corny intro, I know, but this is a book blog and it seemed appropriate.

I currently work with many different indie writers, publicists for major publishing houses, self-published authors, and independent publishing houses. Since I operate many different blogs and websites, I will choose just the right audience for the book, which is especially helpful for non-fiction titles.

At this time my TBR pile is nearly full. You may still email me to see if reviewing is an option. I'm a sucker for a good book, and my kindle is always charged up.

Books I Review: Please Read

I currently accept most non-fiction:
  • Cookbooks, kitchen or catering culture, crafts, jewelry making, sewing (machine/hand), encyclopedic reference books, history, fishing related books (knot tying, offshore/inshore, saltwater/freshwater). 
  • Mystery, crime, politics, romance. I read limited chick-lit and humor. Make me a pitch and see if I'll read it. I'm just getting into the YA scene. If you have an ARC you would like to share with me and my readers before it comes out, let me know.
Ebook vs hard copy. A physical book is preferred for non-fiction reviewing, especially for crafting - it is hard to do a craft project while looking scrolling a kindle, but it's doable if that's the only version available. Contact me and I'll provide a mailing address for you to send hard copies. eBooks are always accepted - as .mobi files and pdf files. I do not accept DRM protected works that can't be converted, or ADE editions, unless it is directly from the publisher. If you have a title through netgalley, edelweiss, or other professional reading platforms, let me know and I'll look for it there. Or you can just auto approve me for that and future titles.

Please note: I get a lot of requests. (Thank you for your time!) Many, many, many. And while I appreciate every single one of them, I'm careful of the books I choose as I really do read all the books I review. :) My TBR stack is larger than you can imagine, and I run my own business. If I don't respond to your request, please don't be disheartened - reread the books I currently accept and make me want to read your book in a re-pitch; it may be I am backlogged with reviews or your email got lost in the slush. If I respond, I will review your book within my time frame. And I thank you in advance for you giving me the opportunity to read your book. It means a lot.

My Review Guidelines: Please Read

I give honest reviews, so please expect them. I generally review within a 1 to 8 week time period, unless something comes up - which does happen! I know it's a big spread, but my reading comes in off-work time. And off-kid time. I have three active kids and they all do sports. Luckily, my kindle goes with me to all practices. ;) All my reviews are tweeted out to my followers. Also, if you have a blog or website revolving around you or your book, be sure to send me a link so I may share it with my readers! All my reviews will be posted here, and will link back to where the review was published if I published it on one of my niche sites. For example, if you send me a garden or baking book, the best coverage for it would be on my garden or baking blog so you'll see the book in those places as well as here, too.

My reviews typically have the following: cover image, an overview, my thoughts on it, book information and/or author information, and disclosure statement. I do not do a star rating system. If it is fiction, I like to add a trailer or a blurb. Some of my reviews or personal library can be found at these sites.

Contact Me Regarding Your Book: Please Read

sandandsuccotash at
If you are contacting me regarding reviews, write to me at the email above. Please put "Review Request" in the header. If I agree to read your book, I'll promptly respond with a shipping address or will give you an ebook confirmation.

I appreciate your time. I really do. Writing is hard, I know. I write, too. :) This blog hopefully reflects my love of reading. And best of luck with your book!

Visit My Blog:

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My Google Plus Profile: Renee Shelton

Ok. So, if you have a specialty niche in the non-fiction area - I currently run or manage these niche blogs. I'm open and will *almost* say yes to any non-fiction works for these areas: gardening, barbecue, crafting, cooking, sport fishing.
  • Sew Now This: My blog about all things sewing or crafting. I put a strong emphasis on charity work done via sewing.
  • Cookbook Papers: My blog about the cookbooks I have. 
  • Cultivate to Plate: My blog about my edible landscaping and backyard orchard.
  • All Q'd Up: BBQ site I manage and write for, all things smoking, barbecuing, and the art behind the 'que.
  • Dana Point Fish Company: Sport fishing site I manage and write for, with an emphasis on saltwater and offshore fishing.

Thanks again for your time. I look forward to working with you, and reading your hard work.