Around the World in 80 Tales by Dave Tomlinson

To travel the world is an amazing experience. I’ve spent years traveling alone along popular tourist trails and to remote travel destinations far beyond them. Each travel experience is an adventure and each adventure gives with a story to tell. Fascinating travel memoirs deserve to be shared so one day I decided that I’d write 80 of my best travel stories.

After leaving me speechless, my world travel then turned me into a storyteller!

I’ve found that adventure travel on a budget is a kaleidoscope of people, places, events, history, culture, food and fun. Through the pages of my travel book, I’ll bring it all to life for you. The collection of short stories is fascinating, inspiring, amusing and amazing. Collectively, they are an insight into the wonderful highs and gritty realities of traveling the world on a budget.
This is a collection of stories from different places the author has visited. Each story is long enough to give a feeling of location, but probably short enough to fit into a blog post. It was easy to read but felt a bit disjointed as the locations aren't presented in the order of how he visited them, and are fairly randomized in the book. Having said that, the randomized order by the author was intentional.

The stories themselves are good, though, and some were very informative. His visit to Tennant Creek in Australia is a reminder to always pay up if you use facilities in a new location without permission and his trip to Gujarat, India, warns of eating strange foods and strange places. For the most part, he finds that the people from different cultures are welcoming and helpful. The single accompanying photo shows what stood out for him on each trip, and each locale was well described.

In each city Tomlinson highlights the things that stood out with the people and landscape, surroundings if in a city, and a little history if he learns it. This is a travel book that is appropriate for kids and adults alike.

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