The CSA Cookbook: No-Waste Recipes for Cooking Your Way Through a Community Supported Agriculture Box, Farmers’ Market, or Backyard Bounty

Growing unique and new veggies is sometimes the same as opening up the latest box from your local CSA (community sponsored agriculture) – you have all this new fresh stuff and can’t figure out what to do with it. And while the author, Lindy Ly, doesn’t go into too crazy of vegetable territory here, she does make use of the unique tasting and most often disposable parts of foods we take in every day into our kitchens: tomato leaves and stems; pepper leaves; fennel fronds; radish seed pods and leaves; sweet potato leaves; herb blossoms; nasturtium pods. And more.

For the full review of this garden cookbook, read it on Cultivate to Plate - The CSA Cookbook. Enjoy! 

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