Divorce: Think Financially Not Emotionally by Jeffrey A. Landers

Book Blurb:
Divorce is an emotional roller coaster. And if you're a woman going through a divorce, you may not be thinking about financial matters, such as how your assets might get divided, tax liabilities, and what your living expenses might be ten years from now.
But, here's the problem: the decisions you make both before and during your divorce will directly impact the rest of your life, for better or for worse.  
Thinking financially is not always easy. But, it is possible, especially if you have some help. Anyone, no matter how savvy, can benefit from expert advice when she is crossing through treacherous and unfamiliar territory.
Divorce is an emotional decision on many levels. And the financials between the two parties are on another level all together. Jeffrey A. Landers has written a book specifically geared to dependent female spouses, wives who rely solely on their husbands for financial support, to help them get their financial futures in order. But it is an important read for any woman in this situation.

Divorce: Think Financially Not Emotionally covers all the basics in the book's sections: Preparing for Divorce; Dividing Assets and Debts: Key Concepts; Protecting Your Assets; and Special Topics. The Appendix includes a Divorce Financial Checklist. Each chapter walks you through a concept with added reminders (recap of any terms), hot tips, and legal matters.

Property, pensions and retirement accounts, and equitable distribution states are all covered, and specific chapters deal with hot button issues: Eight Places Husbands Hide Assets; Protecting Your Credit; and Intellectual Property. The book helps women do the work to protect themselves, and find the right answers. The second chapter sums it up well with reasons you shouldn't listen to or get divorce advice from family and friends.

An important read for any women facing a divorce as it provides not only concrete steps to take to protect themselves financially, but also presents concepts to bring up with their divorce team that might have been overlooked.

Jeffrey Landers is founder of Bedrock Divorce Advisors, LLC, and his articles on finance and divorce can be read on Forbes.com. Landers has pledged to donate a portion of all profits from this book to the Bedrock Divorce Fund for Abused Women, a nonprofit charity he started whose mission is to help female victims of domestic abuse, and the organizations that support them.

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