Backyard Foraging by Ellen Zachos

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You don't need to trek into the forest to forage edible plants. Ideal for first-time foragers, this book features 70 edible weeds, flowers, mushrooms, and ornamental plants typically found in urban or suburban neighborhoods. You'll be amazed by how many of the plants you see each day are actually nutritious edibles. Full-color photographs make identification easy, and tips on where certain plants are likely to be found, how to avoid pollution and pesticides, and how to recognize the plants you should NEVER harvest make foraging as safe and simple as stepping into your own backyard.

Okay, I can harvest what I plant in my own yard because I know exactly what is being grown. That is not true for when I take hikes in the local hills, or take walks around parks and in the neighborhood.

One thing about harvesting unknown plants is while they may look tasty or have a great smell, you just never know what is poisonous and what is safe. Backyard Foraging details many of the different edible plants and other stuff that can be found growing natively or naturally from the ground. An excellent read for those interested in learning how to identify which can be eaten and which you should avoid.

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