California Guide: Great Saltwater Fishing

If you're looking to go saltwater fishing in California, Ray Rychnovsky's book, California Guide: Great Saltwater Fishing, will help you out with both locations to fish at and what to fish for.

When to Go For Certain Fish

The beginning of the book contains information on the best fishing for each month of the year. Beginning with January and ending with December, there are best options for these four different locations: North: Oregon to Point Arena; San Francisco Region: Bodega Bay to Monterey; Central: San Simeon to Oxnard; and South: Los Angeles to San Diego. Also included for each month are best options for long range fishing. In this section, Rychnovsky gives hints on places to avoid or places that are closed, and best options for long trips.

Where to Go for Fishing

This encompasses the bulk of the book, and includes tips for fishing in those specific areas. For example, if you are in Northern California in San Francisco Bay, there is a section on the best place to catch halibut from your boat, and if you are South of Los Angeles, there is a section on how to catch yellowtail or calico bass, two very popular species in this area for local fishermen.

For those interested in long range fishing and how to prepare for overnight boats Rychnovsky lists what a typical day is like and what the general routine is for long range fishing, along with tips from other experts. Contact information for popular boats are listed with phone numbers, websites, and an email if one is listed.

California Guide: Great Saltwater Fishing Book Contents and Chapters

There are 15 chapters in the book besides the introduction: Great Fishing; Best Fishing Each Month; Best of the Best (Northern California, Southern California, Statewide); Redwood Coast; North Coast; Great Fishing Off San Francisco; San Francisco Bays; Monterey Bay Area; Central Coast; Santa Barbara and Channel Islands; Los Angeles Area; South of Los Angeles; Long-Range Fishing; Dozens of Great Game Fish; and Keeping and Cooking Your Catch.

The last chapter deals with what to do after you catch the fish, such as making the decision to keep it, and ways to prepare it if you do. There are 16 different recipes included.

Recommended For Those Interested Fishing in California

Whether you are planning on a trip to California or already live in California, California Guide: Great Saltwater Fishing has all the tips and locations for fishing for California fish species. It only deals with saltwater fish so the areas talked about are located on or around the coastline.

California Guide Great Saltwater Fishing by Ray Rychnovsky is available through Amazon.

Book Information

California Guide Great Saltwater Fishing, by Ray Rychnovsky
Frank Amato Publications, Inc, 2001
ISBN: 1571882219
Softcover, 148 pages, black and white with pictures

Disclosure: This book was a public library book edition, and any opinions are the author's own.

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