The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook by Mark Hyman

The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook is a cookbook that can be used by itself or with the The Blood Sugar Solution book by the same author. The book shows how to do a kitchen makeover (pantry and fridge) and shows through recipes and diet coaching how to cancel out disease caused by poor nutrition.

In the first chapter, Mark Hyman states:

[The Blood Sugar Solution] provides a step-by-step, goof-proof plan to reverse the root causes of diabetes and obesity - what I call diabesity...[and] provides a road map for us to get healthy together.

Hyman explains that 'diabesity' is blood sugar and insulin imbalance. He states this problem is global, and affects both overweight and skinny people. He even provides a quiz so readers can see if they are at risk. The two plans to reverse or prevent diabesity are The Basic and The Advanced plans. The Basic Plan is for anyone and the Advanced Plan is for  severe cases of diabesity. The diets are low-glycemic and consist of nutrient-dense starches, high-quality proteins, and no- or low-starchy vegetables. The Advanced Plan gets rid of grains all together.

The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook includes recipes and how to properly shop and stock your pantry for products that are actually good for the body. He advocates 'unjunking' the diet by cutting out sugar, flour, all processed foods, as well as gluten and dairy products.

Recipes for both plans include menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with soups, salads, entrees, snacks, and desserts to choose from.

This book is not for the faint of heart - it is rigorous and demanding, and completely eliminating cold turkey all the things Hyman suggests would be difficult even for the seasoned healthy food dieter or gluten-free advocate, or those that know the difference between starchy and non-starchy vegetables. But if you are wanting a serious approach to combating type 2 diabetes and other ailments attributed solely to poor nutrition, this book is spot-on and a tremendous wake up call to eat better.

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