Vegan Lunch Box Cookbook by Jennifer McCann

Vegan activist, Jennifer McCann, is the creator of the Vegan Lunch Box blog that celebrates the vegan lifestyle with fun and tasty vegan meals for the whole family. But if vegan recipes for school lunch boxes are needed, McCann's Vegan Lunch Box is filled with animal-free recipes and sample menus.

For all menus in the book, McCann works to create lunch meals that are complete and well-balanced. She makes it a point to incorporate these six items into every menu: whole grains, protein, fruit, vegetables, calcium, and dessert. If you're making up your own menus, remembering to incorporate those items into any vegan lunch meal makes it more rounded, and easier to create: just pick something in each category for an easily put-together lunch.

Read the review and try out the recipe for Tofu Fish Sticks.

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