Bettie Page Presents The Librarian by Logan Belle

Inspired by the story of the iconic Bettie Page, Logan Belle’s sizzling erotic novel explores the transformation of Regina Finch from shy librarian to the object of one powerful man’s all-consuming desire. Regina Finch, brilliant and bookish, has worked her way up to her dream job as a librarian at the Main Branch of the New York Public Library. But her discovery of the sordid sexual adventures of a rakish, young scion among the hallowed halls and sacred stacks of the library unleashes a confusing blend of repulsion and desire that threatens to consume her. It is only through her discovery of Bettie Page—the world’s most popular ingenue-turned-fetish-model—and Page’s own sexual awakening that Regina can hope to discover her sexual prowess and seduce the man she loves. 
So, here we go with another erotic story toying with submissives and the underground lifestyle they choose to live. But this story was different and I enjoyed reading the romance between the two characters. After all, the main character is a librarian - instant hook for me. They come from completely different backgrounds - she's a good girl type who doesn't know the package she has so to speak and he's rich and powerful and has an eye for fashion - and some scenes were humorous, such as him getting her a new book bag. She's completely unaware of her lack of fashion sense and everyone else knows it all.

Unlike many BDSM romance stories, this was less about the actual scenes themselves and the control act that follows such scenes, but about the blossoming love story of the two people involved. Sebastian seemed real, too, and he didn't play many mind games with her. But in the end, I liked Regina much more than Sebastian.

Bettie Page comes into play with Regina's physical resemblance to her, as well as her ability to eventually have fun and be in command of her own sexuality. The ending was too convenient and came way too fast as well as her 'transformation'. From nervous virgin to comfortably-dominated vixen in just a few months? Hmmm. And I thought the publisher's intro didn't match the book. Regina didn't discover Bettie Page on her own as it seems to allude to. Her coworker remarked on her looks at the beginning and Sebastian wanted her to be 'a Bettie' by way of owning her own desires at the end.

All in all, it was a quick and well-written read and if you are looking for edgier romance with a happy ending, this would probably fit the bill well.

Book Info:
  • Bettie Page Presents: The Librarian;  by Logan Belle
  • Pocket Star E-books; 2012
  • ISBN13: 9781476704159

Disclosure: This eARC was provided by the publisher and any opinions are my own.

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