Preserving Wild Foods and Cookbook of the Week

If there is one thing I get excited about, it's getting excited about bringing home a catch and preparing it. It is no secret we are a family of fishermen (my husband, myself, and our three little guppies) but we also like to forage, experiment, and grow things at home. As I speak we have 30 little pineapple plants growing from seeds harvested from the skin of a pineapple on the breakfast table, greeting the kids each morning, as well as a very vigorous vanilla bean orchid that is still thinking about producing its very own vanilla beans. That's why Preserving Wild Foods, by Matthew Weingarten and Raquel Pelzel, hooked me: it is every bit a modern, urban forager's preserving guide but also an old-fashioned and somewhat dreamy cookbook that showcases the author's love of his surroundings.

Read the full review (loved this book!) as well get the linky for the cookbook of the week.