Beginning Origami by Pamela Wieten

Pamela Wieten's Beginning Origami is an attempt to teach you basic and beginning origami. Having quite a few origami books at home for my kids, I know that most 'basic' origami books cover the basic folds, contain history and/or tools of the trade, are consistent with directions, and have at least more than a handful of projects to give the reader a good start. Wieten includes a fish base , a pyramid base, and a square base. From these she makes a candy dish, a pyramid, paper ball, and a paper crane. Not much projects for the price of the book. The images inside are just like the cover and some are very hard to follow.

I cannot recommend this one for beginners as her instructions and hand drawn artwork are confusing and messy at best. And example is the last step on the Paper Bag - she includes a scribbled box with the words: Kind of looks like this, except better! What? There are other books out there that do a much better job with teaching adults and children the basics of origami.

This book was provided by the publisher and any opinions are my own.

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