PUSH Print: 30+ Artists Explore the Boundries of Printmaking

Another gorgeous edition from the Lark Books imprint of Sterling Publishing, PUSH Print is a collection of various printed media created by contemporary artists. 31 different artists or teams are represented and works include etchings, lithography, letterpress, and art incorporating digital technology.

Similar to other PUSH books, such as PUSH Stitchery and PUSH Paper,
this is an idea and inspiration book for any artist. I liked the overall theme for this one, using technology for multi-dimensional works and mixing different items such as giclee prints, silk screening, and relief work.

The book is curated by a two-brother team, Jamie Berger and Keith Berger, of the Cranky Pressman, a letterpresss printing operation. All the PUSH series books include a Q&A of the artists of showcased works, and questions and prompts include: Describe your work; What do you enjoy most about printmaking?; How has your technique developed?; and Walk me through a day in your studio. A curious question posed was 'What responses do you get to your work?' If you think they all get praise, reading the answer from Cannonball Press's art will surprise you. Their answers were: "Why in God's name did you make that?" and "I don't get it." They specialize in black-and-white woodcut prints.

One thing you will get with this book is a mighty collection of mixed media prints that will give you endless inspiration. The art is new, edgy, soft, warm, old fashioned, and even political. You'll get a little bit of everything.

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Disclosure: This book was provided by the publisher and any opinions are my own.