Writing Winning Business Plans by Ann Carrington

iconBusiness plans are a blueprint for businesses, both established and brand new ventures. Writing Winning Business Plans helps to write one step by step. The book is separated by topic: Business Plan Positioning; Business Plan Overview; Investors and Fundraising; Starting a Business Venture; Executive Summary; Business Overview; History and Current Business; Marketing Plan; Product or Services Plan; Sales Plan; Web Plan; Organization Plan; Financial Plan; Business Plan; and Business Plan Presentation.

Each section goes deep into what iconat is needed. Examples are included to explain further and prompting ideas and responses from the reader. For example, Marketing Plan explains the Marketing Niche, Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, and Regulatory Restrictions. The Marketing Plan sample is from a fictional design house with hypothetical charts to help incorporate stuff like market trends and promotional strategies, which may changes with a different business.

For those that would like different approaches to distributing and giving a business plan presentation, Writing Winning Business Plans shows what a finished business plan looks like in both text and power point formats, as well as help with a business plan pitch. A sample business plan presentation invitation is included.

Useful for those who have never tackled a business plan as well as those who would like to update their current one, this book is straight to the point.

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