Tough Guys and Drama Queens by Mark Gregston

Tough Guys and Drama Queens by Mark Gregston is dedicated to parents of teenagers and focuses on the relationships between the two, namely with communication. It has a Christian element to it, but isn't overtly so. The author instead chooses to talk about the main influencers in a kid's life: television, advertising, and over-responsible parents - parents who do everything for their kids without letting them grow as individuals which ends up making them children as adults.

I liked that Gregston puts examples in the book from his own experiences counseling teens and their families. Over-exposure from the media is for sure at the heart of many disagreements of parents and kids, such as both sexes wanting to wear provocative yet fashionable clothing, but also not giving kids (older kids) the freedom to make their own choices whether good or bad. Trust is key, and shows when a kids he counsels says "I'd rather do wrong and be in control than do right and not be in control." That's powerful in that sometimes as parents (and I know I'm guilty of it) we try to make all the right choices for our kids so that they succeed in everything. Looking back, I didn't have that growing up yet I made all the right choices anyway, and learned a great deal from the wrong ones. I know I'll have trouble with this part as the kids get older as I'll still want to 'help' them out in anyway I can and am reluctant to give them the freedoms I had (the world is so different from back then!).

Reading this though gives parents a reminder that values are important in the home as well as setting a good example. Gregston puts it out there that if kids see that in their parents or adults in the household, then they are more apt to communicate and make better choices as they grow older.

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