The Widow of Saunders Creek by Tracey Bateman

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Corrie Saunders grew up in a life of privilege. But she gave it all up for Jarrod, her Army husband, a man she knew was a hero when she vowed to spend her life with him. She just didn’t expect her hero to sacrifice his life taking on an Iraqi suicide bomber. Six months after Jarrod’s death, Corrie retreats to the family home her husband inherited deep in the Missouri Ozarks. She doesn’t know how to live without Jarrod—she doesn’t want to. By moving to Saunders Creek and living in a house beloved by him, she hopes that somehow her Jarrod will come back to her. Something about the house suggests maybe he has. Corrie begins to wonder if she can feel Jarrod’s presence. Jarrod’s cousin Eli is helping Corrie with the house’s restoration and he knows that his dead cousin is not what Corrie senses. Eli, as a believing man and at odds with his mystically-oriented family members, thinks friendly visits from beyond are hogwash. But he takes spirits with dark intentions seriously. Can he convince Corrie that letting go of Jarrod will lead to finding her footing again— and to the One she can truly put her faith into?
The Widow of Saunders Creek has a supernatural element to it, and while it isn't scary some parts in the book had the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It's a Christian fiction novel so expect good vs. evil. The main characters deal with a demon that has been 'living' in the house, seemingly peacefully for generations. It is only after Corrie wants it out, and move on with her life does it react forcefully against her. Tracey Batemen gave a good fictional description of what a seance would be like, too. I've watched enough spooky movies to totally believe what she wrote.

I enjoyed her different point of views throughout the book. Each of the chapters has Eli or Corrie speaking, feeling, and experiencing the different scenes. The love story was light, and it wasn't very scary. All in all, a surprisingly enjoyable 'scary' Christian fiction.

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  1. I always did wonder if some utterly unrecognized talent was hiding in the Christian Fiction genre. The area is overlooked in most Bestseller lists, so such undiscovered talent would be logical.