Children's Specialteas: A Child's Introduction to Tea

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Michele Pollard Patrick's Children's Specialteas: A Child's Introduction to Tea offers a step-by-step primer on the ritual of "taking tea." An elegant collection of pictures enhances this simple text to create a classic which every child should own.
This book is geared for, and would be appropriately aimed at, young pre-schoolers who enjoy tea parties, coloring books, and simple hand drawn images. It would be good for young girls who would be interested in hosting Teddy Bear tea parties in their room. Images are in black and white, with a brief explanation of the picture below.

It is not a comprehensive guide for tea and tea parties, but rather a hard back version of a coloring book. As such, if you are looking for something to add to a gift basket for a youngster this would be something to seek. But if you are looking at a comprehensive guide for older youth, there are other books that would be better for them. There is not much to it other than roughly drawn images of a girl at a teddy bear tea, with drawings of things the author wishes to explain.

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