A Scandalous Affair by Karen Erickson

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From the moment Daphne, Lady Pomeroy, meets the mysterious Marquess of Hartwell at a masquerade ball, she's determined to seduce him. The handsome, charming man cannot possibly be the cold, calculating lord who Society calls "Black Hart." Risking everything, the lonely widow invites the elusive Hartwell to her dinner party...for two. Hartwell's arrogant reputation is built on a lie. For he has a shameful secret that keeps him in the shadows: a stutter-his downfall since childhood. He'd rather keep his mouth shut than look the fool. But he's shocked to discover that in Daphne's company-and in her bed-his stutter vanishes. After one wanton evening together, Daphne is hurt when the lord lives up to his Black Hart name. Yet his reasons for leaving surprise even him. Now he must confess everything or risk losing Daphne forever...

This was a quick read and the descriptions of the time period draw you into the characters' world. The book ended up being a sweet love story between a widow and a man perceived to be cold and calculating. In actuality, he isn't cold at all but has a stutter that gives him reluctance to speak publicly - which gives off his notorious persona. Lady Pomeroy has enough patience to understand his difficulty and Hartwell finally finds a person who calms his nerves, so to speak, and takes him as he is, speech impediment or not.

For those that are interested in these details, it was a shorter read (just over 20,000 words) with one major love scene that wasn't too steamy. It was nice to read a love story about a person with a disability that doesn't get too much publicity which affects so many people.

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