The Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms

Palms are everywhere in landscaping, East to West coast. They can be used as ground covering, for shade trees, or other hard scape items, and can be grown in deserts or in tropical areas. The Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms has everything you need to know about cultivated palm trees as well as provide over 200 pages of palm pictures to identify the one growing in your local nursery or backyard.

The content of the book includes: Gallery of Palms (color photos of different palm trees); Palm Descriptions A to Z; Landscape Lists; Internet Sources for Information on Palms; Botanical Gardens and Public Collections with Significant Palm Collections; Glossary; Bibliography; and an Index of Synonyms and Common Names.

Incredibly detailed, I found this book to be useful for the home gardener. It contains botanical information with easily understood terminology. The individual palms can be looked up by going through the gallery of photos, or in the Palm Descriptions where you can look them up by scientific name. For anyone wanting to grow palm trees in their yard, The Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms would make a great go-to guide to narrow down the variety.

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