Where There's Smoke by Karen Kelley

Book Trailer:

Sexy wannabe-demon Destiny Carter is in Ft. Worth, Texas, with one week to corrupt a soul. Or else. She slips into a slinky red dress, and heads straight for the delicious, corruptible looking cowboy at the bar. But Chance Bellew has his own agenda-saving souls. He's not your typical angel-he likes drinking and sex way too much, and not necessarily in that order. And then he meets Destiny...
I thought the story was fun - a not-quite demon who intends to seduce a soul to bring back to hell so she can become a true demon, who ends up falling for for a part-angel (um, an 'angel cowboy') who works on actually saving her soul.

It's a paranormal erotic romance, and there is much work between them trying to seduce the other to bring them to each others sides - good and evil - all the while trying to keep their true identities a secret. All the secondary characters are great, too. Chance's posse are all very likable. The story of Destiny's past was sobering as well as Chance's response and the play between heaven and hell was fun. They each have a week to turn the other around. I liked the whole pyramid-scam-by-the-demons premise. As always, I love happy endings, too.

This book begins quickly and sets the pace for the rest of the book, making it a fast read for those who like them. This was the first time reading Karen Kelley, and I'll look for her work in the future.  


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