No Safe Place by Taylor Wilmering

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Shortly before September 11, 2001, Joe Biden warned, "The question is not if we will be attacked by terrorists, but rather when and where." In the pages of No Safe Place, terrorism has come to America once again. Sleeper agents for a radical Islamic terrorist group that calls itself Ansar Inshallah have managed to blend into American society and go undetected - until now. As Ansar Inshallah's sleeper cells awaken, Americans discover that appearances can be deceiving and the people around them may not be who they seem. Homeland Security Counter-Terrorism Division agent John Anderson and his field partner, Agent Erin Walker of the FBI, are racing against the clock to uncover and bring down Ansar Inshallah. But how do you fight a war when your enemy is hidden among you?

I'm a spy nut, and stories like this intrigue me. When I read the sample on smashwords, I wanted to read more and I wasn't disappointed. This is Taylor Wilmering's first book, and while it detailed a little too much on FBI team procedures for me, the pace was quick and action seemed real. It was scary reading some parts because you never know, really, who your enemy truly is. Sleeper cells are talked about in the news frequently but this book details what it may be like to have them sound an alarm and go into action.

In order for the story to be real, Wilmering details what different law enforcement teams do and how they work together, and how they handle different situations. Even though I guessed correctly how a police officer would handle a scene at a train station, it was both harrowing and relieving to see how action profiling or closely looking at a person's actions actually saved countless people. It is unnerving to know that sleeper cells could live among us without us - the general population - ever knowing who they really are. Even their own family members may be unaware.

I found myself wondering if the group Ansar Inshallah was indeed real. I appreciated the author's background information at the back of the book, and some events that were mentioned in the book were sobering, including her real-life role playing experience in training exercises for her local police department. I think her acting out the different roles helped make some scenes real because she understood the characters mindsets. I enjoyed No Safe Place and look forward to more action thrillers by this author.

Book Information:
  • No Safe Place by Taylor Wilmering
  • ISBN13: 9781467993838
  • Paperback and ebook versions

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