Moonflower by E.D.C. Johnson

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After Josephine Woods' father dies of cancer, her mother up-roots the two of them and moves to the city. Josie hates her city life, but her teenage issues are of little consequence when they have a car accident and she wakes up in a strange land (reminiscent of Victorian Europe) alone. Lost, with her school backpack as the only connection to her world, Josie struggles to find her way home. She is found by Lucius Conrí, the son of a Marquess, who possesses royal blood and the gift to shift into a wolf’s form at will. Can the kind-hearted Lucius help her find her way while winning her love, or will she fall for Donovan Conrí his older, more serious brother and heir to the Conrí wealth?

I really loved this book. Josie is a teenager who awakes after a major car accident in a forest in a different world. As she struggles with finding her way back home, she encounters one of two brothers who saves her from a dangerous encounter. She ends up staying with the brothers and learns of their royal blood lines and shapeshifting capabilities, and then truly finds herself liking both of them. Josie is very likable as a character and I found myself unconsciously rooting for one brother. The brothers are the opposite extremes, and both of Josie's mind and body are pulled between their strengths and weaknesses.

While this is YA fiction, the story will appeal to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance or fantasy writing. I found it hard to put down once I began. The writing is very well done and I pictured myself having the same reactions as Josie if, like her, I were thrust into a different world. The book ends with the possibility of a sequel (I'm hoping for one), and I look forward to more of EDC Johnson's work.

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Book Information:
  •  Moonflower by E.D.C. Johnson
  • 2012
  • Smashwords edition, multiple eBook formats available

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