Feature & Follow: Why We Get Started Book Blogging

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Q: What drove you to start book blogging in the first place?

A: I started blogging in the beginning for business and business only, as a way to reach my customers in a quick-hit format via my pastry blog with industry info and my latest specials. Book blogging is a completely different story; it was started purely for pleasure - I enjoy reading. I started this book blog after writing a cookbook review. A publisher liked how I tackled it and began sending me books. It snowballed and soon I had many non-fiction titles from other publishers and self-published authors. This book blog was a way to house them all, but it also opened the doors for me to try new fiction, too. I've read some amazing reads from brand new authors on Smashwords that rivals some of the hardbacks I've purchased full price at the book store, which has opened my eyes to different ways authors can now connect to readers. It's all been a learning curve, but the readers of book blogs and book bloggers themselves are all very helpful if you're new, and opened me up to genres I never thought I'd read which has been very fun. 

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