50 Climate Questions by Peter Christie

50 Climate Questions is a non-fiction title that will spur kids into creative thinking and thinking scientifically. This is a fun science book with answers to 50 climate questions with some projects worked in, too. Kids are interested in climate change and the history behind Earth's major timelines and events, especially with dinosaurs. This book combines them both. Peter Christie's science writing is accentuated by Ross Kinnaird's fun illuatrations.

There are six chapters that divide the questions: Snowball Earth and Mega Mammals; A Human for All Seasons; Gone with the Wind; When the Sky Gods Are Angry; War, Plague, and the Scoop on Poop; Keeping Our Cool; and Wondering Weather.

This book is geared for grades 4 and up, but would appeal to the younger children, too. The Q&A format makes reading it easy, or it can be studied in sections.

Book Information:
  • 50 Climate Questions: A Blizzard of Blistering Facts; by Peter Christie and illustrated by Ross Kinnaird
  • Annick Press; 2012
  • ISBN13: 9781554513741
  • Paperback and hardcover versions available, 120 pages

Disclosure: This galley was given to me by the publisher. Any opinions are my own.