Indian Maidens Bust Loose by Vidya Samson

Indian Maidens Bust Loose (Vidya Samson, 2012) is about a young woman, Nisha, and her sister Vinita, and their up and down ride through the land of arranged marriages. It is also one of the funniest books I've read all year, and Samson did a really good job of getting the reader to experience Indian culture through sounds, tastes, weather, and fashion. Comedy is a hard genre to pull off, and Samson did it with ease.

The story begins as Nisha longs to get away from home. When Nisha's Aunt and two cousins from America come to visit, she sets her freedom sights and strives to get them to invite her to come live in America. Her father has other plans, and has countless meetings with potential husbands for both girls.

That is where all the comedy and drama are. Her two American cousins have to adjust to Indian dress, food, rituals, and family relations. I loved all the characters in this book, and Nisha and Vinita's desire for true love, or at least liking the husband before marriage, make you really feel for their plight. And there were enough believable twists in the plot to keep you hooked. An enjoyable read all around.

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