The Concubine Saga by Lloyd Lofthouse, and a Giveaway

Any country's history is both beautiful and tragic, and Lloyd Lofthouse's The Concubine Saga captures them both in the midst of the Opium Wars in China. The Concubine Saga is actually a combined edition of My Splendid Concubine (prequel) and Our Hart, Elegy for a Concubine (sequel). This edition puts them both together and as such, makes a fluid read. It is a good blend of history and historical fiction.

Lofthouse blends the history of Robert Hart, an Irish-born British consular official, who in an effort to 'think like the Chinese' learns the language and eventually takes on concubines in his household. The author captures what life was like then through graphic imagery and shows how little women were thought of in that period of time. His love for Ayaou, his first concubine, and her sister Shao-mei, have a profound effect on him. And because of his desire to learn about the Chinese culture and truly understanding it, he ends up rising through the ranks in Chinese government.

In the book, Robert Hart grew up in Ireland as a strict Wesleyan and becomes a disgrace to his family; because of his sexual exploits in college he ended up getting syphilis. He leaves for China working as a British liaison to the consulate and discovers foreigners treat the country and its people with no respect and learn that money buys just about anything, including influence, power, and young women that the Chinese people seemingly throw at their feet. Once Hart discovers he is in love with Ayaou, he begins to change that mindset earning him honors throughout his career and later in life from many different countries.

But, this book isn't simply a love story set in the mid 1800's, it is a tale of Chinese people doing more harm to its people, one of money buying Chinese young women (and young girls just barely reaching puberty) to men for pleasure, of violent revenge and murder, and the subtle nuances of political life where one wrong word can make a man lose face and destroy a career. He learns to love a country as well as its people.

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Book Information:

  • The Concubine Saga; by Lloyd Lofthouse
  • ISBN13: 9780981955384
  • Softcover, 547 pages; Kindle version available
  • Read the book's first chapter, via Lloyd Lofthouse's blog

Disclosure: This book was provided to me from the author and any opinions are my own.