Ethan Pritcher, Body Switcher by Douglas E. Richards

Ethan Pritcher, Body Switcher (Douglas E. Richards, Paragon Press, 2012) is a new take on the body-switching story line, with good guys and bad guys thrown in. In this story, Ethan has no control over who he will switch with and doesn't know for how long he will be in the other body, and it all started out with a chemistry set and ketchup experiment mishap. I liked it - it had a fast paced story line and the dialog between the characters was great. Some of the funniest parts come from the author's choice of the movie star's name, which Ethan can't spell.

My 4th grade daughter who is an avid reader herself, thoroughly enjoyed this book and devoured it in one sitting. Her review is below. The end of the book eludes to a possible sequel, or even a series with the character Ethan, and I'm hoping there is one soon. This appeals to both boys and girls.

Review from a 4th Grade Reader

I liked this book. Ethan Pritcher Body Switcher is about a boy named Ethan that changes bodies with a famous star, Roland Hossenfeffer, and gets into trouble with his bodyguard. Who the bad guys really are was a fun twist. I recommend this book to readers who like action books, and also funny books, because this was both. I hope this is a series because I would like to read more adventures from Ethan.

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