Ec-o-nom-ics by Kersten L. Kelly

A quick synopsis of ec-o-nom-ics:
Author Kersten L. Kelly dives deep into how pop culture, history, and social trends are linked through economic theory. She divulges opinionated explanations on current topics by incorporating economics into the equations.

The book is applicable and enjoyable for anyone that has ever purchased gas, idolized a professional athlete, or owes money on a student loan. It is a compilation of timely examples that show readers just how heavily economics influences their daily live. It will give readers a new perspective on how simple, normal activities have a much greater impact that what meets the eye.
Normally, I don't include an overview from a press release like that in my reviews, but this book deals with economics and just by the title may turn off readers simply for its theme: economics. But this was an enjoyable read and I learned new economic theories such as "The Prisoner's Dilemma" and "The Lipstick Theory." The reason behind her choice in the chapter highlighting "The Theory of Inequity Aversion" and how all economists look to be better off was funny.

Kelly applies real world examples (read: 'situations the average person deals with') to economics. Take any story on a cable news network, and there are bound to be economic experts spinning their theories of why the world turns as it does. Kelly puts all that talk into perspective and makes you think about, and question, their theories. The author states in the epilogue that she believes in a gray area of what the experts say. I tend to agree as nothing ever is really solely black and white, or right or wrong.

I appreciated her efforts to explain economics using examples easily digestible: price of gas, student loans and higher education, working salaries, professional sports, housing prices, fast food, prescription drugs, coupons. Kelly took a very dry subject and actually created a fast paced read with her writing. The combination of history and current pop culture intertwined with economic theory makes the book an easy nonfiction read.

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Disclosure: This book was given to me by the author. Any opinions are my own.