Bringing Up Girls by Dr. James Dobson

Bringing Up Girls was written by Dr. James Dobson, the author of Bringing Up Boys. I understand that he promotes a Christian lifestyle but I had hoped this book would have more practical advice. It instead focuses on what the author believes is right and wrong. On the back cover it doesn't even talk about conservatism yet the entire book is based on it. Someone unfamiliar with Dr. Dobson would probably be disappointed; someone familiar with his teachings would probably enjoy it. Unfortunately, contrary to Dr. Dobson's view not all 'liberal' parents, or for that matter any parent who isn't in what he considers traditional households, practice immorality.

Having said that, there are several interviews throughout with different people getting their perspectives and his interview with Karen Santorum was an enjoyable read. I actually learned more of her background here than all the stumps she did on the campaign trail this election. He also dedicates a few chapters to the importance of fathers in daughters' lives, something that should be talked about more.

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