StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through the Power of Story by Jim Signorelli

If you are a business, what do you stand for? and what is your story? These questions are what the focus of the book StoryBranding is all about (Jim Signorelli, ISBN: 9781608321452). Branding is important to any business and story branding is the process of developing a brand through stories, with the ultimate goal of building relationships with the customer. StoryBranding tells how to build your brand by identifying your story and listing ways to tell it.

Stories allow businesses and people to dress up a brand with something identifiable to others. What makes a 'good' story for a brand? One that follows the story branding process, not one that simply turns an ad into a story. Signorelli writes:
StoryBranding is not about how to convert advertising into stories. Rather, StoryBranding utilizes the way stories are and have always been constructed and applies it to the brand communications process.
Signorelli lists obstacles that come up when creating brand stories and how to deal with them. He also gives useful examples, and how to write an 'I Am' statement. StoryBranding has examples throughout of different brand stories, and ways to educate and sell your truth. As a business owner, I found the concept of story branding an important one, and StoryBranding a good read for anyone wanting to build their brand.

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