Kim Laidlaw's Home Baked Comfort Provides Gorgeous Photography with Great Recipes

Kim Laidlaw's Home Baked Comfort has fast become a favorite read. Not only does she provide tips, and lists her favorite kitchen tools, all the recipes are enhanced with gorgeous photography by Eric Wolfinger. The photos alone are worthy of a book all to themselves. Laidlaw's Amazing Baking Facts You Might Not Know include quick and easy tips for baking.

The book contains all the basic recipes needed on any given day or holiday: Breakfast; Breads; Cookies & Bars; Cakes & Cupcakes; Pies & Tarts; and Custards & Souffles. The recipes include both sweet and savory treats. The author's recipes are intermingled with notable contributors: Bakerella's recipe for Mini Banana-Maple Pancake Muffins is included and Pearl Bakery's Blueberry-Huckleberry Grand Marnier Tart makes you want to leave for Portland, OR, to try it first hand.

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