140 and Counting by Joanne Merriam

140 and Counting by Joanne Merriam is a collection of stories, poems, and other literary works using as many characters that can fit inside a single tweet on Twitter. Merriam is the editor of Seven by Twenty, an online magazine dedicated to works that fit inside a single tweet (140 characters or less) and using Twitter as its publishing platform. 140 and Counting is her collection of 141 of her favorites from the magazine divided into various categories: relationships, nature and the night, work, animals, seasons, science fiction and fantasy, and mortality. Contributors are listed in the back, and most have their Twitter address so you can follow them.

A quick read, especially for those guilty of enjoying tweets from strangers. And considering I use Twitter, I was amazed at how complete some of the stories and poems were from what the authors had to work with (limited characters and space to write the ideas).

Disclosure: This book was provided to the author by the publisher. Any opinions are the author's own.