Hetaera: Agathon's Daughter Book One by Suzanne Tyrpak

A home run for Suzanne Tyrpak; this was another enjoyable and suspenseful read from the same author of the book Vestal Virgin. Tyrpak's engrossing tales of ancient Rome and Athens are hard to put down once they are started and the tales are all multi-level: there are more details going on then what the characters see and the author brings that to life.

Hetaera: Agathon's Daughter is set in Ancient Athens, and the story begins on the deathbed of Agathon, a wealthy Athenian. A slave girl, Hestia, shortly before Agathon's passing suddenly learns she is his illegitimate daughter. The household is in uproar, and the budding romance between Agathon's son and her begin, and no one is who they really think they are. I've noticed with all of Tyrpak's characters in the books I've read, there are strong female roles who are educated and smart no matter their social status. Hestia is no exception, and her intelligence is what makes her attractive to others in the story. Hestia ends up being the Hetaera (female companion or Greek courtesan) to a sadistic statesmen, and a rival of Agathon.

The only negative I can say about it - this is part one or book one in a series, so while one plot ends, another hangs in the balance yet to be resolved. Good for the author, though, as the next one is eagerly awaited.

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