Football for Females: The Women's Survival Guide to the Football Season

Need a primer on football - or at least want to begin learning the game? Football for Females (2001, ISBN: 9780805951080) does that, with all the definitions for the game that you need to know about. The author, Teresa Saucedo-Artino, wrote this book for all the females who have spouses, significant others, family members or friends, who are football fans, and they themselves know nothing about it. Saucedo-Artino is married with three boys of her own and her book is filled with information on the sport for beginners who need the basics.

The book is broken into 15 chapters that go into all the specifics of football: Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk; Game Overview; Warm It Up; Da Points; The Opportunities; The Keepers; Broken Rules and Punishments; It's Play Time; Let the Games Begin; The Herd (Types of Teams); The Flock (Offense); The Swarming Bees (Defense); Suicide Missions (Special Teams); The Flocking Volley (Offensive Strategies); and The Swarming Bee Militia (Defensive Strategies). The Appendix has a humorous illustrative view of all the major calls.

If you know nothing of the game, read this from first page to last, and you'll have an understanding of what the game is about, and what all the hand signals, calls, and plays. You'll understand the scoring system of the game and who are all the official in the game (referee, umpire, head linesman, field judge, side judge, line judge, and back judge). For those that know something about the game, then the offensive strategies and defensive strategies chapters are both good reads.

Book Information:
  • Football for Females: The Women's Survival Guide to the Football Season; by Teresa Saucedo-Artino
  • Dorrance; 2000
  • ISBN13: 9780825951080
  • Softcover, 90 pages
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