The Book of Man: William J. Bennett

The newest book by William J. Bennett, The Book of Man,  is a great collection of different writings, poems, stories, and biographies bringing real life and fictional heroes to young boys and young men. In his introduction, Bennett states that the purpose of the book is to 'explore and explain what it means to be a man.' Throughout the book, there is advice on home life, work life, ways to set an example, and ways to learn from example.

Our kids received Bennett's book The Book of Virtues as a present from their grandparents, which contains various fictional works and real life accounts of heroes that hopefully will stay with them long after story time is over. The Book of Man is a similar book, and encourages parents to read to younger boys, and older boys to read on their own with fun and insightful selections.

The book is separated into these chapters: Man in War; Man at Work; Man in Play, Sports, and Leisure; Man in the Polis; Man with Woman and Children; and Man in Prayer and Reflection. The section Man: At the End, Bennett gives a very touching reflection on his father in law, Clarence E. Glover.

The Book of Man makes a wonderful keepsake book to be given to boys for birthdays, parents of sons as gifts for them, and even expectant parents of a baby boy. Or, like me, given to a son in the hopes that when he begins to read, reading some of the works and deeds of notable men, that their good intentions and examples will rub off on him when he grows up.