The Chocolate Diaries by Karen Linamen

It's always conforting to know someone else is going through the same things you are - and Karen Linamen, author of The Chocolate Diaries (ISBN13: 9780307729590) tells the stories of different women and adds a sweet touch to bring them all together and how to learn from them.

Linamen has sprinkled all through the book little bits of wisdom. Throughout the book, her 'Sweet Secrets' are honest answers from different people promted from the same question: What's your secret to a sweeter journey on the rocky road of life? The 'Because Real Women Don't Need a Cookbook' are little treats that can be prepared, literally, without a recipe. And the 'Food for Thought' are questions and prompts to consider for inner thinking.

In the ebook, there are numerous links to explore and ways to explore topics that need exploring. A self-help book for chocophiles and regular folk alike.

I recieved an eletronic version for review purposes from the Blogging for Books program. Any opinions are my own.