101 Tees: Restyle, Refashion, Revamp by Cathie Filian

If you're looking to restyle any new or old t-shirt, then this book has multiple ideas for you.

101 Tees: Restyle, Refashion, Revamp
Fun, funky, and artistic, DIY and HGTV networks' host Cathie Filian brings 101 creative ideas to common t-shirts in her book '101 Tees'.

Looking for ideas to dress up, revitalize, or completely change a t-shirt of yours sitting on the bottom of the dresser drawer? Cathie Filian, co-host and creator of the shows on HGTV and the DIY network “Creative Juice” and “Which Crafts,” has come up with 101 different t-shirt designs to experiment with in her book 101 Tees. T-shirt designs are for women, men, children, and even special ones for the holidays.

Blank t-shirts are the ultimate canvas for all types of artists and crafters. The work created on them becomes a wearable piece for different kinds of art and craft mediums such as paint, dyes, yarn and embroidery floss, iron-on stickers, and transfer images. For those who have inexpensive new t-shirts to embellish, Filian gives tips in the introduction on how to prep a new shirt, such as laundering it before crafting, and where to find discount shirts.

Saving Money by Repurposing and Revamping Old T-shirts

New t-shirts are not required for any of the crafts. In fact, throughout the book there are many ideas on how you could reuse old t-shirts that you may have or ones that were purchased used from a yard sale or other sources. Old t-shirts with torn or loose hems and necklines can be appliquéd or have pleats and ruffles stitched onto them. Favorite t-shirts with a stain or two on the front can have an iron-on image or a hand painted stencil applied to hide it. Frayed t-shirts with fun graphics can be cut out and stitched onto a newer t-shirt bringing life back to one shirt while 'retiring' the other.

101 Tees: Chapters Overview and Contents

There are 11 different chapters covering just about every topic and craft niche: Cut and Stitch, Painting, Dyeing, Appliqué, Embroidery, Ribbons and Trims, Iron-Ons and Patches, Sparkle and Shine, Mixed Media, Just the Boys, and Holiday and Special Occasions. The Templates section at the back of the book has printable images used on various t-shirts for stenciling, copying or reproducing.

Recommended for Those Needing Ideas for Recycling T-Shirts

At the beginning of each chapter there are tips and guidelines for creating your own designs. The Dyeing chapter, for example, lists the basic dyes to use for fabrics, and steps for successful t-shirt dyeing. The many photographs throughout the book shows how each design looks on a real t-shirt, making an approach to a design variation for an old t-shirt easy.

Book Information:
  • 101 Tees: Restyle, Refashion, Revamp; by Cathie Filian
  • Lark Crafts, an Imprint of Sterling Publishing Co.; 2011
  • ISBN13: 9781600598227
  • Softcover, 179 pages
Disclosure: This book was given to the author by the publisher. Any opinions are the author's own.